STAR pool cover




Width: 3.0- 7.5 m


Height: between 0.8 and 1.4 meters (depending on width)


The STAR types are one of the most sought-after types of our pool covers, as they offer everything you would expect from a pool cover model with their favorable price range and dynamic design.


It heats the pool water with the help of the greenhouse, reduces the use of chemicals and protects children with its lockability.

Due to the cross-section of the basket curve, the STAR pool cover types are flat in relation to their width. The spatial restraint of the model prevents the pool from becoming ostentatious or over-emphasized in the garden.

The STAR pool cover type is air-chamber polycarbonate, the STAR PLUS is made with solid SAN glazing (solid polycarbonate sheet is optional for the STAR PLUS model). Supplied with super-flat rail track and automatic length positioner.


Colors available at no extra charge:





Delivery time for pool covers: 4-6 weeks



Pool cover installation: 1 working day


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