Riverpool 1150 floating corridor

Our pools are equipped with a chlorine-free automatic chemical dispenser and an automatic robotic vacuum cleaner!

Riverpool 1150 - floating corridor design, construction

We developed this model primarily for swimming, so the biggest virtue of the pool is the long swimming surface. At both ends we have placed a row of stairs combined with a bench, so you can comfortably relax the tired swimmer ...



Pool construction deadline: 8-10 weeks! Order your pool on time!


RIVERPOOL 1150 pool price

Protector pool body price: 15,720 EUR
Ceramicline pool body price: 18,100 EUR
Transport: (with a special truck for the round trip): 1.70 EUR / km
Crane: 68.36 EUR / hour


Complete engineering with chlorine-free-automatic active oxygen chemical dispenser, automatic robotic vacuum cleaner, starting chemical kit, installation: 5,701 EUR

The fee for preparatory and masonry works is not included in this offer!

Our prices are gross list prices, which do not include the current discounts!





Length: 1150 cm

Width: 300 cm

Depth: 150 cm

Edge width: 10 cm
Edge height: 4 cm






Pool body options:



• PUR foam thermal insulation in the pool body
• Ceramic core, which flexibly strengthens the structure and provides extra protection against osmosis
• Adjustable steel supports (on request)
• Cutting out the location of water engineering elements (if required)


Monochrome colors:





Natilux® 3D colors:




Downloadable pool catalog:



-2020.pool catalog




Delivery time for pool bodies: 8-10 weeks

Mechanical installation in up to 2-3 working days after transporting the body!

Pool cover installation: 1 working day




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