Luxury pools and pool covers


Luxury pools are ceramic coated! Our pools of this type have gained immense popularity all over the world, as they have a 20-year warranty, they do not fade, they offer an aesthetic, imposing sight!


Pools are relatively quick and easy to install!

In no way can they be compared to traditional polypropylene pools, which lose their stability and color after a few years, they cannot be compared to foil pools, which wrinkle, fade and tear, but also with tiled-glass mosaic bodies, as in our case they do not pop out. joint, no tiles or mosaic pieces fall off!


One of the strengths of the pool models we sell is the wall structure, which consists of the following units:


  • 3D multicolor pool surface with special spray technique, glitter, colored grains, 2 layers of transparent gelcoat layer, 1 layer of background-colored gelcoat layer.
  • Fiberglass-processed Epoxy buffer layer, which is the soul of the whole structure, as it is a guarantee of the excellent mechanical properties of the pool and it results in a long-term osmosis-free.
  • A special resin blend that provides osmosis protection.
  • Traditional fiberglass reinforced polyester frame structure.
  • Topcoat outer protective layer.







1: Water repellent laminate closure, 2: Fiberglass polyester layers, 3: Ceramic vinyl ester glaze, 4: Vinyl ester buffer layer, 5: Nautilux 3D layer structure




For perfect resistance, each pool undergoes heat treatment in a closed cabin as the last step in production.



All our pool types are available in the following colors:








All types of our pool covers ensure the extension of the bathing season, provide safety for children or your favorite pets, and prevent tree leaves and other dirt from entering the pool.


Our pool covers, in the case of pools without heating, are also able to provide the bathroom season from May to mid-September, so the water of the pool does not cool below 25 degrees Celsius in a period of about 5 months.



Standard color range for the aluminum profile system of the pool cover:






Standard colors are available for the following models: Sun, Sky, Star, Star Plus, Harmonie, Harmonie Plus, Visual, LOK. Any RAL color is available at an additional cost.

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