ORION pool cover




Width: between 5.0 and 12.0 meters


Height: ~ 2.4 - 3.4 meters (depending on width)



Our latest ORION branded product is a real heavyweight among pool cover types. Orion is AquaComet's current flagship product, available up to a span of 12 m.



Track-free, telescopically lockable pool cover with vertical side walls. Depending on the size, we recommend it with manual or motorized movement. The length of the self-moving segments is 2.2 m, so for pool covers longer than 12.5 m, we recommend collecting the segments at both ends of the pool.

The largest length of pool cover available from ORION is 22-24m.



Colors available at no extra charge:





Delivery time for pool covers: 4-6 weeks



Pool cover installation: 1 working day


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Mobile: +36-20-33-22-77, +36-20-222-33-88


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