Inspiration 105 L-LSX series


L-LSX 105 whirlpool




It provides an excellent experience for 6 people.





  • 6 seats
  • 239x239x91cm
  • 1470 Liter water capacity
  • 55 two-tone stainless jet
  • Two-tone air intake controller
  • Air-X seat
  • Led illuminated waterfall
  • Led multicolor security light
  • Led perimeter lighting
  • Led exterior ambient lighting with deluxe corners
  • Deluxe Water Management System (03 / UV)
  • 4-speaker BBA2 Bluetooth Audio Player
  • 5 "x3" thermo cover



  • User-friendly, durable Balboe control
  • 2.2kW dual speed jet pump
  • 3kW heating system
  • 6.98m2 filter system



  • Covered lining
  • Galvanized Suresteel metal frame structure
  • Polysteel outdoor wardrobe
  • GreenGuard Roxul insulation



  • Deluxe acrylic color development
  • Deluxe Wi-Fi system controller

Gross list price L: 11,612 EUR

Gross list price LSX: 12,507 EUR


The above price includes VAT, the current discount is not included.


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Optional acrylic colors:






                                                                 Stering        Cameo         Storm         Midnight        Whisppering        7thHeaven




Exterior cladding colors:






                                                                         Black          Espresso          Fieldstone          Charcoal            Grey






Corner colors:






                                                                                                    Beige            Black             Brown











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