HARMONIE pool cover




Width: 4.0- 7.5 meters


Height: between 2.1 and 2.5 meters (depending on width)


The HARMONIE pool cover model and models with higher structural heights are designed for those who want to spend comfortably longer or shorter periods in the pool cover before or after bathing.

HARMONIE pool covers with a super-flat rail track (12 mm) up to a span of 6 m, their wider versions are mounted on a flat rail track (20 mm).

The end walls of HARMONIE pool cover types are equipped with a swing or sliding door. Optionally, a side door can be ordered for the widest moving segment. The HARMONIE pool cover types are manufactured with an air chamber PC, the HARMONIE PLUS types with solid SAN glazing (solid polycarbonate sheet is optional for the HARMONIE PLUS pool cover model).


Colors available at no extra charge:




Delivery time for pool covers: 4-6 weeks



Pool cover installation: 1 working day


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