GALAXY pool cover




Width: 5.0-10.0 / 12.0 meters (depending on the model)


Height: between 2.5 and 2.8 meters (depending on width and type)



AQUACOMET is a brand new model of pool cover types that implements a completely new concept in roofing technology. The heavy-duty aluminum profile system of the GALAXY pool cover type offers a solution up to a span of 10 m.



GALAXY is a fixed telescopically non-movable type, but it can be opened along the entire length of the cover, up to a height of 2 m along the sides. The sliding doors are opened in two stages, so it is possible to ventilate the pool area so that the cover remains closed up to a height of 1.10 cm, protecting children and pets from the open water surface.



When the GALAXY pool cover model is open, neither rails nor thresholds interfere with traffic. After opening the sliding sliding doors in the arch, the overall view of the cover creates an airy, generous optical environment over the pool.



Colors available at no extra charge:






Delivery time for pool covers: 4-6 weeks



Pool cover installation: 1 working day


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