Ceramic and hydromassage pools, pool covers, terrace shades



Our company also aimed at the top category in the field of pool distribution. We offer 25 types of ceramic pools and nearly 50 types of hydromassage pools.



We also thought of those who want to cover their pool or just their terrace. For them, we would like to offer our pool covers and terrace blinds, which, without exception, can become the decoration of gardens and terraces, made to size according to individual needs.





The swimming pools we have built are made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester material. More than 20 years of professional experience, the highest quality, versatile design and variety of sizes characterize our products.


We would like to satisfy the needs of all our Dear Customers for whom style and comfort, which is combined with the most perfect quality, are paramount. According to our size range, the length of our pools ranges from 4.5 m up to 10.0 m, so we can offer an ideal solution for everyone!

It is possible to buy the pool body only, but you can also ask us for the mechanical engineering, and we can even provide a complete construction, the so-called turnkey solution!

If you want a small, 4.5x2.5m family pool, or on the contrary, you want to freshen up in an 11.5m long pool, we can fulfill your wishes!


We import and sell our Sunrisespas whirlpools from Canada exclusively in Hungary.


Quality, uniqueness and delivery time have been identified as essential criteria when selecting brands.


Do you want to extend the beach season?




Please take a look at our pool covers, which can take you months to use, not to mention safety and dirt protection!


Our sliding covers are available in different shapes, sizes, heights and colors.

Get to know our Rondo type cover, which can form a protective cover for your hydromassage pool.


Admire your garden from the cool terrace. Our terrace blinds are made in accordance with the highest demands of the modern age, thus providing a wonderful view, not least protection against the weather.





Get to know our products, choose to your liking!



If you are interested, give us a call or write to us, we are at your disposal!



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