Aphrodite 900

Pool width: 380 cm
Pool length: 900 cm
Pool depth: 150 cm
Pool rim width: 10 cm


Our pools are equipped with a chlorine-free automatic chemical dispenser and an automatic robotic vacuum cleaner!

APHRODITE 900 pool design, construction

The Aphrodite is a clean, relaxed pool model that can be easily integrated into any style of built environment. The straight line of stairs provides convenient access to the pool, and the widened design of the stairs makes it ideal for use as a bench.

Pool construction deadline: 8-10 weeks! Order your pool on time!


APHRODITE 900 pool price

Protector pool body price: 12,380 EUR
Ceramicline pool body price: 14,125 EUR


Optional equipment:


-3D rock effect multicolor surface

-PUR foam thermal insulation in the pool body

-Performance without concreting

-Hidden blind housing design (shutter cabinet suitable for storing blinds floating on the surface of the pool)


Transport: (with a special truck for the return trip): 1,70 EUR / km
Crane lifting: 68,36 EUR / hour


Complete engineering with chlorine-free-automatic active oxygen chemical dispenser, automatic robotic vacuum cleaner, starting chemical kit, installation: 5,701 EUR

The fee for preparatory and masonry works is not included in this offer!


Our prices are gross list prices, which do not include the current discounts!




Pool layer order:



1.Water repellent laminate closure

2.Glass fiber polyester layers

3.Ceramic vinyl ester frame

4.Vinyl ester buffer layer

5.Nautilux 3D layer structure



Available colors:




Basic elements that can be ordered outside the pool body:



- Sand filter tank with filter sand
- Circulating pump
- Basic fittings, pipes
- Skimmer
- LED luminaires
- Handheld vacuum cleaner


Available comfort enhancers:


- Pool cover with sliding and blind design
- Color LED luminaires
- Counterflow equipment for swimming
- Automatic dosing equipment for chlorinated, saline and chlorine-free chemicals
- Automatic robot vacuum cleaner
- Stainless railing


Delivery time for pool bodies: 4-6-8 weeks

Mechanical installation in up to 2-3 working days after transporting the body!

Pool cover installation: 1 working day


Ask our staff for details:


Mobil: +36-20-33-22-77, +36-20-222-33-88

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